so, i found THAT above post while searing for the “blonde asian” tag, and I am not going to post his actual tumblr user name. I screencapped it.

but rule #1 is… if you have to start something out with “i don’t want to be/sound/am not racist but….”

you will immediately look like a racist -.-

And #2 Asians can have blonde hair, and RED GINGER HAIR…you know how I know?
I am 100% Asian, in fact I am part of an Asian Ethnic group called HMONG people

We have NO caucasian blood in our genetics, and yet you get children like this and above (all from the third world):

It is something found in my peoples genetic code, along with various other Asian ethnicities.

MANY MANY MANY Asian cultures have stories/legends about tribes from “the north” who have blonde hair and blue eyes (and no, they are not referring to Europeans). Some of the Asians who have these sorts of legends are Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Mongolians, and even MY people.

In the case of MY people, the genetic code for both RED and BLONDE hair is usually (not always) found in a specfic tribe.

My mother is part of that tribe. I have an uncle who has firey ginger hair, cousins on my mothers extended side who have natural blonde hair, and every so often someone on my mother’s side of the family has green eyes. It happens so infrequently, and 9/10 it is a FEMALE from my mother’s side. My mother’s tribe (Surname) to my knowledge, has the most cases of the colored eyes, and it is NOT often or common.

So please, before you make stupid assumptions like this, please fact check.

Yes, there are plenty of Asian women who like circle lenses and blonde hair, not because they want to be white. simply because it IS NOT COMMON in Asian ancestry. I don’t dye my hair rainbow colors because I want to be like Anime, I do it because I like COLORS.

NOT COMMON is not the same as “impossible”, because there are plenty of people from my culture alive today both in the first world and third world, who are full blooded asians, who have these characteristics.

for the record, this is also not Albinoism. 

*drops mic* i’m done.

<3 Yume

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